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What would happen if we took the words good and bad out of our vocabulary?

Would our judgment stop?

I've been thinking a lot about judgment lately. I think this is especially because I believe unconditional love comes from the absence of all judgment. Unconditional love comes from accepting oneself exactly as is, no labels, no roles, only life. After all, we are all life. We are all filled with this huge vibrational energy called love. I believe at the core of our existence, we are all love. Before anything else, we are love. I am love. You are love. Together, we create humanity.

Interestingly enough, we are all brought up in judgment. We are taught judgment. We are taught what is right and what is wrong. We are taught what is good and what is bad. We are taught all these polarities! And guess what? They are all made up. Their truth lies in our perception. It's all about individual experience and what individuals believe. I believe we need to get better at questioning all of our own beliefs. Seriously, are they really true? They are true in the sense that we believe them! What is truly good or bad? How do we bridge the gap in the polarities we create?

What if we took the words good and bad completely out of our vocabulary?  What if we began communicating about what we thought was good and bad based off of our experience of why we placed that particular value on it?  I had a discussion with a colleague yesterday about this.  The example he brought up was lynching and how could that not be bad?  I thought it was a great question, because I do not agree with taking another person's life, especially in such a horrifying way.  However, if I were to label the behavior bad it would be so much more difficult for me to be truly curious into why someone would engage in such behavior!  When we place judgment on the actions of others, we are solidifying our polarities and creating a greater division amongst ourselves.  We are creating an us versus them society.  This is dangerous.

What if, instead of labeling the actions of others (and ourselves) as good or bad, we became curious about how someone came to believe in what they (or we) were doing?  As humans, we can rationalize and justify anything.  It's what we do.  And it becomes harder to move forward together if we continue to label, divide, and segregate one another because we think other people are bad or evil.  If we were to stop thinking in terms of the values we create, would we begin a movement in which we would be open to connection and love?  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the fear mongering in our society.  Life is beautiful if you take a moment to notice.  We live in abundance.  Unfortunately, the structure of our society makes it appear we live in scarcity.

Here are my tips for living a fearless and fun life today:

  • Try eradicating the words good and bad from your vocabulary, just for today. 
  • Try non-judgment for yourself and others. 
  • Try expressing gratitude for all that you have. 
  • Try focusing on the strengths, love, and joys in your life. 
  • Try appreciating yourself and others. 

See what happens... If only for a day... Try love.

With gratitude,