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I Almost Self-Limited

Then I realized I'm made of the same shit as the stars!

I have always believed anything is possible. Yet, I almost self-limit all the time! It takes a lot of presence, commitment, and awareness to prevent self-limiting! What is self-limiting, you ask? Well, it's my new made-up word that basically means believing that voice in your head that says, "Who do you think you are?" or "Stop, you're doing too much" or "That's not possible." You know that voice! I'm here to tell you that I have that voice too! Yes, me... the fearlessness coach. The person who talks about how we are capable of anything we set out to do. I notice that voice all the time! I have it! And you know what I do to overcome it? Surrender to it. I don't fight it. I simply notice it and keep it moving. Did you know you don't have to agree? Did you know you can turn the voice's statement into a question in which you can remind yourself that you're fuckin' awesome?!

Let me give you an example. I have never hosted a retreat before. Like, never. However, I had this extreme pull to host a retreat. An international retreat, no less. My first inclination was to marry my favorite things (travel and connecting with humans) and create an experience in which I can help uplift and empower women while teaching them how I manage to keep my vibrations high by my commitment to experiencing life. I saw a great location in Costa Rica and thought, "Yes! This is it!" Then, it happened. The voice crept in and said, "Seriously?! You think you can try to host your first retreat in Costa Rica?! Who the hell will come? Don't do that, you're better off sticking to what you know." So, I sat on the idea. I didn't agree... I also didn't want to rush into an important decision if the idea was fleeting. I wanted to see if the idea would fade or if the pull would get stronger. Well, sure enough, the pull got stronger. So, I answered my voice's questions. "Of course you can host your first retreat in Costa Rica! The right people will come... if I only stick to what I know, I won't grow. I refuse to rob myself of the experience of life!" After I answered myself, I called up a couple of my friends to talk it through and invited Crystal to Co-Host the event with me. And, BOOM! I am now co-hosting this retreat with support from GloryMay (Desiree: woop woop!).

Will people come? Absolutely! There are already about 7 people going so far! And to think, I almost self-limited. I almost prevented this amazing experience of life from happening before it even started. I almost robbed other people of this experience! All because of that voice! Now, you might be thinking, "Yeah! That voice is bad news, dude!" That's where we as people tend to get stuck! We get stuck when we start to fight with ourselves. It's like this internal gladiator match in which no matter who wins, we lose. We can listen to that voice. We can choose to disagree. We can choose to make that voice a catalyst to remind ourselves just how powerful we are! That voice is not bad news. That voice is not against you! That voice is well-intentioned and means well. Seriously. That voice wants to protect you. That is why I surrender to it. I am actually grateful to have that voice! It means well, it is trying to protect me. Much like a parent trying to protect a child from something they perceive may not go well or may cause some hurt. The problem is, if we listen to and believe that voice we are robbed of our experience, our lesson. Ultimately, we must learn our lessons to grow. Growth never stops and your are the youngest now than you'll ever be! Experience life to the fullest!

In order to truly experience life, one must get on the ride. There are lessons in everything. We only have to be present and committed to life. It is that simple. If we fight with ourselves, we end up losing no matter what. That is why I propose we surrender. To all of our thoughts and beliefs. Don't take any of them too seriously. Don't believe them as facts or statements. Notice them. Be skeptical of them. Refuse to fight. Be willing to answer your own questions from the place within you that is empowered in love and light. Be the water. Be willing to learn. That, my friends, is how I almost self-limit...but I don't.

You can unlearn to fight with yourself and empower yourself instead!

Stop self-limiting all over the place.

Come experience life with us in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.

Lake Tahoe: September 22-24, 2016

Costa Rica: March 24-31, 2017

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