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Please, Don't Feed the Monster

Stop Polarized Thinking

Polarized thinking is something I come across constantly in my work with human beings. Whether I am working in a business, coaching an individual client, or scanning my Facebook feed. It is everywhere! I'm honestly trying to figure out where all these false dichotomies are coming from. Have we always been so obsessed with the idea that if you don't believe exactly what I believe then you must be against me? Why do we believe that there are only two opposing options when stumble upon someone or a concept that seems to not completely align with our own beliefs? When did we become so preoccupied with being right or wrong. Did you know we are missing huge opportunities to connect, deepen relationships, and learn? Beliefs, as deep rooted as they have the tendency to be, are just beliefs. They are a result of our own individual perceptions and thoughts.

We live in the land of the free, right? The recent situation with Kaepernick comes to mind while writing this. It's fascinating to see that we have free speech, as long is it is in alignment with the majority; otherwise, you will become a villain and people will bully you! My other aha from this includes the concept of "opposing" views. Who decides that views or beliefs are opposing? Opposition implies opposite, right? How can one view be opposite another? Can't both views be valid without negating one another? Can't we believe in one thing and see how someone else believes something else without it threatening our core values? Is it so hard to imaging that people have values that are different than your own and still be good and well-intentioned people?

My point is, none of our beliefs are truly in conflict. Our values differ, so we look at things differently. Ultimately, we all have our beliefs because we believe they help us to live a happy, fun and fulfilled life. Because, what is the purpose of life, really? Is it to take things so seriously that we can't have fun? Is it to be "right" all the time? Is it to win? Is it so punish? In my opinion, the purpose of life is to enjoy it. Have fun! Be happy! And not at the expense of other people...

So how do I do that, you ask? It's simpler than you think! Stop feeding the monster! What does that mean? Instead of entering every situation with the motive to prove, protect, defend, and/or win, why not be curious? Become a learner and let go of judgment. You know where this starts? YOU! Get curious about your own motives and then beliefs. Get curious about how those beliefs serve you. Be willing to let go of some of your unhelpful beliefs if they aren't a source of happiness and fun. Stop judging yourself for what you like that might not align with what the majority prefers. This is how you will empower yourself and ultimately step into your own power.

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