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    "I'm so inspired by today's course! Thank you for reminding me of the great value of my humanity in all it's imperfections! I'm in AWE! You are the highlight of the conference! Thank you."



    "Our session was very inspiring! Tracy kept everyone engaged and active in the conversation"


    "Tracy lead me to a ton of insight and personal reflection"


    My favorite part about the program was the interactive exercises and the dynamic speaker!


    "What I loved most about the program was Tracy's energy and the encouragement to be honest with ourselves."

  • Eliminate Drama and Reduce Turnover While Improving Company Culture

    To truly influence your company culture, you've got to address the F-word. No one is talking about it, but there's an elephant in the room that is limiting your people's potential, causing expensive turnover and impacting your bottom line! That F-word is F-E-A-R. Learn to leverage this powerful human emotion and embolden your team to achieve new heights and your organization's highest goals.



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    Use Fear To Propel Your Career


    This highly customizable program is designed for people who are so afraid of failure that they stay hidden in their comfort zone. Your audience will discover:


    • A new model to help identify, step into and overcome fears.
    • How to evaluate individual values (and the values of coworkers) to further use fear as tool to achieve great things.
    • Exercises that celebrate failures and help shift mindsets in order to appreciate the learning process over fixed outcomes.

    "An empowering and thoughtful session" -Stephanie

    Kick Bias in the Fear


    This program will help you create a culture of acceptance & inclusion. Help your people to feel like they can be themselves and still belong. Your audience will discover:


    • How to identify their own bias.
    • Tools to have dialogue and engage in difficult conversations regardless of their biases.
    • Learn steps to create a culture of belongingness.

    "Tracy's energy is awesome in an otherwise quiet environment"


    Leading Fearlessly


    This program will help your people increase their emotional intelligence. The key to being a great leader is practicing great self-leadership. Your audience will discover:


    • How to masterfully manage yourself – your mindset, your habits, your actions -to achieve anything in the workplace!
    • How to identify and adapt to diverse leadership styles
    • A model to lead from a place that is true to their core beliefs, allowing them to harness their personal values, passion, and energy to get better results.

    "It was great! I loved learning about how to use my fear to move myself forward."


    From Silos of Fear to Teams that Cheer


    This program will help your people communicate openly and collaborate optimally, despite their fears. Your audience will discover:


    • How to identify beliefs, thoughts, and conversations that keep them from achieving what they really want.
    • How to have conversations that lead to business results and team cohesion.
    • Steps to foster important dialogue and bring to light the things that are currently being swept under the rug.

    "Get out your shovel- you're going to dig deep!"


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    Tracy Preciado is the catalyst you need to affect change in your company culture. However, she's not for everyone. If strong language makes you clutch your pearls, it's best you find someone else. If you're ready, then read on! She'll show you how to identify and use fears to get what you REALLY want. And, above all else, she'll show you how to shift culture so workplace talent gives you their best 100% of the time.

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