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    Fearless and Badass Human Being

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    You are a warrior; your tenacious spirit will get you through anything.

    Tracy J Preciado is a fearless motivator who believes every individual has a unique voice that needs to be heard. From early on Tracy has been a powerful force that holds nothing back. As the owner of Introspection, Tracy delivers a fearless message that will rock your world. She brings a strong and compassionate perspective known to stay with you well beyond the aha moment.

    Tracy has an uncanny ability to see possibilities within people and roles that others previously thought impossible. She helps you uncover an entirely new way of approaching your world with a mindset of fearlessness and a bias for action.

    Tracy has spent the last several years becoming educated and certified in all things that make her qualified on paper. You can read all about these qualifications on LinkedIn. More to the point, what makes Tracy phenomenal are the facts of life. Her practical, real world style makes her candid, approachable and tons of fun. This is why Tracy J Preciado is often referred to as "The Party" because she brings all of the joy life has to offer to everyone she meets.

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    Join me on this journey to learn to love yourself unconditionally and shift your mindset from fear of failure to inspired by A.W.E. Practice integrity by deliberately making choices that support your values: become self-full. Start treating yourself today.

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    To disrupt the mental apocalypse by proactively honoring the human spirit with love.

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    You can do whatever you want because you have the power of choice. What will you choose? Why not try something new today?


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